On a cold but unusually dry day in January, lots of families had a great time building dens and cooking some tasty bread on the fire! Here’s Abbie and Lily showing off their den.


Leaf Art

Fun with autumn leaves at Manor Park today! Thank you to everyone who has joined us at Manor Park, this was our last session here. It’s been great fun exploring with you all!

The end of summer!

Our last session of Summer Forest School was so much fun! We told stories, had magic spells cast on us, made mud faces, lit our own fairy fires and enjoyed eating S’mores. Thank you to everyone who has been to our sessions over the summer, it has been great to see everyone enjoying the outdoors!

If you would like to carry on the fun into Autumn, join us at our fortnightly sessions in Glossop at Manor Park. The next one is Saturday 9th September 10am – 12. There will also be more sessions at Eastwood in October half term. Hope to see you there!

Wild art!

Today at Summer Forest School we created works of natural art. Making a frame from sticks was a little tricky and took patience and perseverance! Using natural materials rather than uniform man made items presents additional challenges. No two sticks are the same, some were too bendy, some too long or too short, some just right! After a few marshmallows we got our hands dirty making all sorts of mud faces. The opportunities for creativity are endless!

Wonderful wood!

This week we got creative with wood. We used tools including loppers and a hand drill to make puppets, badges, jewellery and bows and arrows. Giving children the opportunity to use real tools gives them a thrill and increases their confidence, not to mention the practical skills gained. We also enjoyed toasted marshmallows around the fire!