Terrific Trees

On our first Wild Monday we found out the different names of the trees in the woods and then used some wood to make some amazing mobiles, necklaces, wands and even a stick man!


Pre-School Visit to Forest School

Thanks to Happy Tots Pre-School for visiting us today! Those naughty fairies had left us a trail to follow and we helped them out by making their forest beautiful with fairy flags and building them some wonderful houses! From September we will be trying out a pre-school group on Mondays, do get in touch if you would be interested or if you’d like to visit with your group!

Sheriffs and Outlaws

The birds were singing, the bluebells have popped their green heads up above the soil and the fire was roaring. A great group of merry boys and girls and their grown ups made bows and arrows and used a saw to make wooden badges. We also had some delicious s’mores and popcorn too! We had to use our problem solving skills to find the best arrow sticks to use with our bows… Is it too heavy? Is it the right shape? Once we got the hang of it the arrows were flying! Great work Forest Schoolers.

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